Dear Coalition for a DSP Living Wage:

With all the tumult that we are going through, it makes me sad to tell you that Bonnie Brien is stepping down from the DSP Coalition for a Living Wage Steering Committee.

Bonnie shared:
As a long-standing member of the committee and an active family advocate in a variety of organizations and roles for more than 25 years this has been a difficult decision. I enjoyed being involved in our successful campaigns over the past 3 years in securing rate increases for DSPs in NJ. I was fully engaged and believe I contributed to our successes. There is of course much more work to be done in regards to continuing the campaign to raise wages to appropriately compensate DSPs for the essential work they do in all settings.”

I would be remiss if I didn’t also note Bonnie’s frustration that the COVID 19 wage increase of $3/hour for DSPs was limited to licensed settings. She feels strongly that the process was not an open one and should have been applied to all DSPs.

Bonnie has been a valued member of the Committee from the start and I’m sure you will agree that we have been incredibly lucky to have had her participation and, most importantly, her insights. She will be missed.

Valerie Sellers
Chair, NJ Coalition for a DSP Living Wage
CEO, New Jersey Association of Community Providers

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