In these uncertain times, one thing that is abundantly clear is the essential role of direct support professionals in our state. They are at the frontlines, providing life-sustaining supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) every single day, in all circumstances.
During this crisis, DSPs have no option to work remote or stay home. The lives of the people they support rely upon them being by their side. By being there, DSPs have an increased risk of exposure to coronavirus, putting their lives on the line to support others. And in far too many instances, they are performing this essential work without the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) needed to keep everyone safe. Leaders of the Coalition are working hard to secure these critical supplies, but the shortfall of PPE reveals just how much more work we need to do to ensure everyone understands that DSPs are ESSENTIAL WORKERS.
To that end, we want to share your stories and experiences during this crisis, highlighting how DSPs are essential workers from your perspective. We want to know how they are caring for you or your loved one; the challenges DSPs are facing and how they’re overcoming them; the role they’re playing in helping your family during this particularly scary time. We would like to highlight these stories of appreciation on the DSP social media pages to raise awareness, using the hashtags #NJThanksU #EssentialWorkers

Here’s how to participate:

Record a Video Testimonial: Record brief video testimonial. Using your Smart Phone, record a short video testimonial (no more than 30 seconds—the shorter the better!) explaining how DSPs are essential workers. Send the video clip to Libby Vinson via email at or text 609-577-1993 for posting on social media pages.
Email a Short Testimonial: Share your story/experience in an email to Libby Vinson at and she will share your testimonial on the DSP social media pages. If you do not want your name printed, please let Libby know.
Your voice is critical in our continued work to ensure DSPs are valued and receive the compensation they deserve for the
ESSENTIAL WORK that they do every single day. Thank you for your continued support, especially during these unprecedented times.
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