Dear Coalition for a DSP Living Wage:

Just a reminder that the Coalition is taking our message about the need for lawmakers to continue investing in raising DSP wages back to the NJ State House THIS MONDAY, October 29 from 9:45am to about 1:00pm.

Join us in Trenton on Monday and/or make your voice heard that day by copying and posting the following Tweet and posting it from your Twitter account:

DSPs are trained workers who provide essential hands-on supports that enable 30,000 NJ residents with I/DD to live as integrated members of their communities. DSPs are #NotMinWage workers #PayFair4DirectCare @GovMurphy @NJSenatePres @SpeakerCoughlin @NJDHS @tomkean @JonBramnick

If you can join us in Trenton on October 29, please meet Coalition members anytime between 9:45am and 1:00pm at Gold Finch Square in the basement of the New Jersey State House. Coalition members will be gathering there to catch lawmakers on their way to meetings to explain to them DSP’s are NOT minimum wage workers and continued investment is needed to raise DSP wages.

The NJ Legislature may soon begin debate on raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Should this occur, legislators MUST understand DSP’s are NOT minimum wage workers. Any increase to New Jersey’s minimum wage, a corresponding state funded increase is needed to ensure the starting DSP rate is at least 25% higher and accommodates pay rate increases for more experienced DSP’s who work with adults with I/DD. Talking points will be provided on October 29 for reference in speaking with legislators on this issue.

Thank you in advance for your participation and support. I look forward to seeing you in Trenton and/or on Twitter on October 29!

Valerie Sellers
Chair, Coalition for a DSP Living Wage

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