Dear Coalition for a DSP Living Wage:

Speaker Craig Coughlin introduced legislation today that would raise the minimum wage incrementally to $15 per hour by 2024. The bill, A-15, is up for consideration in the Assembly Labor Committee on Monday, December 10. 

We need YOUR help on Monday to ensure lawmakers understand that DSP’s are NOT minimum wage workers and that any increase to the minimum wage requires a corresponding state-funded increase to ensure the starting DSP rate is at least 25% higher an accommodates pay rate increases for more experienced DSP’s who work with adults with I/DD. If the state moves to a $15 minimum wage, placing DSPs at a comparable pay level with entry-level jobs such as fast food workers, cashiers, and retail sales clerks whose positions require significantly lower levels of skill and responsibility, the recruitment and retention issues in the field will worsen. Workers will likely move to less demanding jobs further jeopardizing the ability of individuals with I/DD to live in community settings.
Lawmakers must understand that raising the minimum wage requires additional investment in the DSP workforce to ensure DSPs receive a higher living wage that reflects the skill and training required for the job

Here’s what YOU can do to make a differenceOn Monday, December 10, please take to Twitter and make your voice heard by posting (you may copy and paste) the following tweet: 


DSPs are #NotMinWage workers. Any increase to NJ’s min wage requires corresponding state-funded increase to ensure starting DSP rate is 25% higher & accommodates raises for more experienced DSPs who work with adults with I/DD #PayFair4DirectCare @SpeakerCoughlin @NJSenatePres Please encourage your friends and family to do the same, and be sure that ALL of your followers, follow @NJDSPCoalition on Twitter to stay updated on Coalition happenings! Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

Valerie Sellers
Coalition for a DSP Living Wage

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