Dear Coalition for a DSP Living Wage:

Some good news! Governor Murphy delivered his annual budget address on this past Tuesday, February 25 and he is proposing $42 million in the FY2021 for DSP wages. We believe the total represents $21 million of new state funding and $21 million federal Medicaid match, and we are seeking clarification. We are grateful to the Governor for making individuals with I/DD, their families and the DSPs a priority in his budget this year!

Now our focus turns back to the Legislature to ensure the funding that Governor Murphy is proposing makes it in the final FY2021 budget that will be adopted by the Legislature and Governor at the end of June. We are also continuing to advocate for the $16.5 million FY2020 supplemental appropriation that the Senate Budget Committee approved last month to accommodate the latest increase to New Jersey’s minimum wage that went into effect this past January. We need your help to move this bill through process, so please stay tuned for further opportunities to make your voice heard!

We all know securing competitive DSP wages is critical to stabilizing the DSP workforce and ensuring individuals with I/DD have quality supports they need to live the fulfilling lives they deserve. Thank you for being our unwavering partner in working to make this a reality in New Jersey. Together, we are making progress!

Please take two minutes to contact Governor Murphy and thank him for proposing new funding in FY2021 to invest in the DSP workforce that is the foundation of our state’s community-based, disability-service system!

Valerie Sellers

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