No question, direct support professionals are going above and beyond their usual roles and responsibilities during this public health crisis, putting their own health on the line to ensure the health and safety of the individuals they support. The Coalition appreciates that the Murphy Administration is recognizing the essential role of some DSPs during this time, granting DSPs working in group homes and supervised apartments a temporary $3 per hour wage increase. We do, however, share in the disappoint of many families whose DSPs were excluded from this pay increase because they work in private homes and residences.

The Coalition has always advocated for competitive wages for DSPs working in ALL community settings and this time is no different. We do not differentiate and value the great contributions DSPs make to the individuals they serve during this crisis and every single day!

We are encouraging family members and individuals whose DSPs were not included in the temporary wage increase to contact Governor Murphy and share your concern. Explain how you or your loved ones’ DSP is stepping up now more than ever; detail the sacrifices they’re making to help you/your loved one, and explain how DSPs deserve higher wages not only now, but every day for the critical work that they do.

Please also share your testimonials with us to post on the Coalition’s social media pages! Here’s how:

Record a Video Testimonial: Record brief video testimonial. Using your Smart Phone, record a short video testimonial (no more than 30 seconds—the shorter the better!) explaining how DSPs are essential workers. Send the video clip to Libby Vinson via email at Libby@absnj.com or text 609-577-1993 for posting on social media pages.

Email a Short Testimonial: Share your story/experience in an email to Libby Vinson at libby@absnj.com and she will share your testimonial on the DSP social media pages. If you do not want your name printed, please let Libby know.

Your voice is critical in our continued work to ensure DSPs are valued and receive the compensation they deserve for the ESSENTIAL WORK that they do. Thank you for your continued support, especially during these unprecedented times.

Please stay safe and be well.
Valerie Sellers, Chairperson

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